“A Retrospective: Walk In Noa Ink Florence and Lucca Comics in the Spotlight.”

Autumn 2023 has been full of events for tattoo enthusiasts in Italy, and two in particular have attracted attention: the Walk In Noa Ink Florence and the Comix in Lucca with the special participation of Noa Ink. Both events were an opportunity to meet, share and celebrate body art. Let’s reflect together on these unforgettable moments.

Walk In Noa Ink Florence: When Florence Becomes The Mecca of Tattoos

The Walk In, which took place at the Manifattura Tabacchi, was a riot of colours, styles and talents. Thanks to the participation of tattoo artists such as Frankina, with her “creapy cute” tattoos, and Valentino Onit, master of freehand lettering, every corner of the studio was animated by creative vibrations. The photographs of the event, some of which are present in our online portfolio, testify to the magic of that night. We remember the anecdotes with a smile.

Frankina’s Little Monster in the Bottle

During the Walk In Noa Ink Florence, Frankina created a singular tattoo that immediately became a story among enthusiasts. A client, he fell in love with the Tattoo Artist’s tattoo proposals, a little monster that he always felt he had inside him, but in an affectionate and symbolic way. Frankina has  created a unique design of an adorable little monster, trapped inside a bottle to always carry with you. The narrative the client created around this tattoo left everyone spellbound, symbolizing their own fears and flaws, trapped in such a way that they could be viewed from a loving, non-judgmental perspective. Frankina still has many others available, write to us to see them and who knows, also see your little inner monster that we all carry around with us.

The Ginkgo Leaf

A ginkgo leaf is not only a symbol of longevity and endurance, but also of significant personal memories. During her Walk In, Sonia met a woman who wanted to get a ginkgo leaf tattoo in memory of her grandmother. The story behind this choice was profound: every autumn, she and her grandmother would collect fallen ginkgo leaves together in the park. This simple act had created a bond that transcended time and loss. The precision and delicacy that Sonia employed in reproducing every vein and curve of the leaf was a touching tribute to this family history.

The key

Another customer asked Sonia to tattoo him with an ancient key, with an equally unique story. The man had recently discovered an old rusty key at the bottom of a drawer in his new home, which was said to belong to the door to a secret garden that had existed many years before. Fascinated by the history and mystery surrounding this key, he decided to tattoo it as a symbol of new beginnings and secrets to discover. Sonia, known for her attention to detail, reproduced the tattoo with such fidelity that she almost seemed to be able to turn the lock of a door towards an unknown adventure.

Comics of Lucca: Where Pop Culture Meets the Art of Tattooing

Noa Ink’s presence at Comix in Lucca demonstrated how tattoo art and pop culture can blend perfectly. The event saw lines of enthusiasts ready to imprint iconic comic book characters or original drawings inspired by pop culture onto their skin.

Tim Burton

A customer for Lucca comics requested his favorite film, Edward Scissorhands, Frankina depicted it in her creepy cute style making it truly unique.

Dragon Ball

During Lucca comics a customer asked to have his favorite manga DragonBall depicted. Maria found the right way to best represent him by tattooing a sphere with four stars.

The impact on the Tattoo Community

These events, in addition to consolidating Noa Ink’s reputation as a leader in the industry, have strengthened the tattoo culture in Italy, showing how diverse and talented it is. Emerging tattoo artists, present as spectators, drew inspiration, dreaming of participating in future editions and aspiring to further elevate the art of tattooing.

Towards the Future of Body Art

As we reflect on these extraordinary moments, we realize that events like Walk In Noa Ink Florence and Comix in Lucca are not just celebrations of art, but milestones shaping future trends. They are moments of growth, inspiration and innovation for the entire tattoo community.

We will continue to support and promote these initiatives, looking forward to what the future holds for the art of tattooing in Italy and around the world.

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